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All year I've been looking forward to one film - Pacific Rim. The concept is beautiful in its simplicity, Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters. Its directed by Guillermo del Toro who is a tested and proven director - his two Hellboy films are among my favourite pieces of cinema. The trailers looked interesting and exciting.

But, oh the execution. My brain is still rattling from it.

There is a lot to like in this film. The cast are mostly people you wouldn't recognise, so there's no distraction of seeing a face you associate with some other film. The all acquit themselves pretty well. Its all exciting and there's one or two good jump moments.

Then we come to the problems. Some of these are whacking huge, some are nits. This is a stream of consciousness so please excuse.

The script, honest to goodness, felt like cliches knitted inexpertly together. People literally spoke in cliches. I knew exactly what everyone was going to say or do next. It gave the whole thing a two dimensional feel.

The characters just felt flat except for possibly for Mako who was given a vague bit of development. But not much. The Russian team looked like cartoon cut-outs and had almost no screen time. The Chinese team faired even worse which was a shame as there was some decent comic potential with a group of triplets.

At one point I did think to myself, "This is Independence Day with monsters instead of spaceships." I don't think I was far from wrong. They even had an alien mind reading sequence and the big, pre-battle dramatic speech by the guy leading the attack.

If the mechs have an ejection system for each pilot, why didn't Stacker kick Hansen out, then set the nuke off? Becket did exactly that to make sure that Mako got out.

When Mako sees Becket's escape pod surface I was thinking to myself, "She certainly wouldn't be stupid enough to try and swim across in full body armour. That would be idioti... oh, there she goes."

Half way through we discover that the mechs are armed with swords. The combat tactic we've seen up until then is fists, then the plasma gun. Given the option, I would've gone with gun first, then sword and finally fists. Especially considering that punching the kaiju seemed to have little to no effect, but chopping bits off proved to be incredibly useful and several times, decisive.

If Hong Kong is so close to the rip,why are people still living there?!!

Humanity abandons the Jaeger project, which is apparently fairly effective and opt instead for the Wall, which is only half built and on its first test, is completely ineffective. Why were they not still building Jaegers to maintain there defences at least until the wall was completed or vaguely tested?

The wall appeared to be just that, a big wall. If these things keep coming through its not going to be much use without static defences. The monsters aren't just going to spontaneously decide to headbutt themselves to death.

Why were the Jaegers the only line of defence. If they have missiles that are effective, put them on planes. Heck! Apparently they even have pistols that are vaguely useful. Stick them on something mobile!

Comedy scientist stereotypes.

How, precisely, is nuclear power 'analogue'?

They clone Kaiju as weapons and there DNA is exactly the same, but one was pregnant? Whatnow?

First the Godzilla remake and now this seems to indicate that gigantic monsters are really good at hiding in cities.

One of the scientists was called Newton. Which was a little ironic considering how often they ignored basic laws of motion.

You pick up a ship to use as a bludgeon, but you've got a giant sword?!

Considering how much the Jaegers must weigh, those must be astonishinly powerful Chinooks!

The first time Mako and Becket are in the Jaeger, she loses it and starts charging the plasma gun in the base. For some reason, the only way to switch this off, is to pull a plug out in the command centre. Could Becket not just have deactivated it? He was still on control of the Jaeger and could, at least, hit and Off switch.

Why was the first run with Mako and Becket live? Don't they have some sort of simulator to try out drifting first before sticking them into a huge super-weapon?


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