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The Conservatives won and there has already been a plague of frogs on the M42, locusts have destroyed the crop of cider apples in Herefordshire and it's raining blood in Yorkshire. So we can expect a bumper crop of black puddings this year.

From my perspective, to be honest, it's less of a world shattering tragedy and more a pain in the arse. I'm not one of nature's Conservatives, I'm a wishy-washy, happy-clappy, tree hugging hippy type (except that I wear a tie, have neatly trimmed hair and shower because standards dammit!!), liberal/Green voter. Life is generally disappointing when it comes to elections and has been for the past 20+ years of voting.

I've seen Conservative governments at their worsed. Living through a decade of Thatcherism where you could almost see the ghost of Gordon Gecko floating above London and all the bankers and brokers chanting "Greed is Good. Greed is Good." as some form of capitalist mantra. The electricy board and British Telecom were sold off to fund tax cuts and privatisation ran rampant through the UK.

This was followed by the Blairite Labour Government who could have just been dropped out of cloning vats from the previous government and given red rosettes to wear because they'd run out of the blue ones. They dragged us into a couple of unnecessary wars and things still got privatised in spite of Labour being created for exactly the opposite reason.

But, the thing is, we're still here. The British people are still grumbling about the weather, sweating the small stuff and doling out as much as they can to charity. Governments come and go, but Britain still poddles on.

The election was seen by many as either a disaster or a complete dog's breakfast. But I don't think things are as bad as people believe. The fact is that most Conservative MPs are actually human. They may seem like grotesquely fat lords of the manor, shovelling cake into their faces and skewering peasants on spits, but they're not (with one or two exceptions). Most of them are like you and me, they worry about their kids, forget to buy milk, lose their keys and genuinely want to help their constituents.

If we want to change government policy, we actually can do it. The current government has the tiniest majority in the House of Commons. All it takes is a few backbenchers to disagree and policy decisions suddenly come to a resounding stop.

A petition is a good way to get the government to notice an issue, but the way to sway a vote is to contact your local MP. Not by email or by protest, but using one of the most powerful tools we have - the letter. A letter has to be opened and read. It has weight and authority. It represents a voter for that particular MP and the response may sway the vote of not only the writer, but their family and friends. So, MPs tend to give these more credence than other forms of communication. I'd go as far as to say that a dozen letters to an MP is worth a thousand signatures on a petition.

There's a very good website with advice on how to write to an MP. I've included the link below.

The vote on the fox hunting bill is a prime candidate for this. It's going to be a free vote. That is, the party whip won't be applied, so an MP can vote how they like without any pressure to follow party line.

An old fashioned letter writing campaign may be just the way to sway things towards having the ban held in place (or even strengthened).

It's got to be worth a try. It worked for the original series of Star Trek and without that campaign we wouldn't have episodes such as Spock's Brain!

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