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Spent today dodging rain and visiting the Games Expo in Birmingham. Poured down all the way up so I went against my normal rule of  "If you can walk do" and went from bus to train to taxi. I'm quite glad I spared my legs as they're quite worn out from walking around and the journey home.

Anyway, I cleaned Leisure Games out of Call of Cthulhu CDs. They had them on display, but had forgot to actually bring any, so I had all their display copies (except for At The Mountains of Madness - already got it!). Also Munchkin Cthulhu dice and a few other bits.

Met up with Elani and the Cardiff crew which was nice. Their purchasing aim appeared to be anything cool that came in a box. I suspect that board games will be being played in Cardiff tomorrow.

One thing I spotted that looked interesting was an RPG called Mouse Guard. Very high quality, but I don't really know anything about it. Anyone out there on the internet know about it or make any recommendations? I was mostly drawn to it because the book looked nice.

I've now had assam tea and iced tea and a DVD. The rest of the weekend wil be spent in my nice, warm flat pottering.


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Heard some rumours about this a while ago, but now it looks slated for release in July/August...

CthulhuTech a sci-fi Call of Cthulhu universe which has a pitched battle between humanity and 'orrible grobblin monsters.

Artwork looks nice. Might pick it up just for a read. I live far too far away from anyone to run anything!
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Mainly aimed at [profile] elani but for anybody who's interested in eldritch horrors from beyond the dawn of time..

First up, there's a new CoC role-playing game out. Set in 2085 all sorts of horrible gribbly things have turned up and a huge swathe of humanity has been wiped out or made into an aperitif. The survivors have access to some pretty snazzy tech however and with some help are putting up a fight. So that's big alien monstrosities vs big battlesuits.

In film news, rumours are flying around about the new JJ Abrams film -  codenamed Cloverfield. No-one seems to know what its about, but there are stories that it features a Lovecraftian entity eating New York, or possibly trying to mate with the Statue of Liberty.

Finally we have Goomi's explanation of astronomical phenomenon...



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