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*Hammers paws on ground*

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and I'm working from home! This meant for a much more welcome 8AM get-up rather than my usual 6.30ish.

Weekend was relatively busy with cleaning and tidying on Saturday and mass family visiting on Sunday. We went for a wander around town which was okay, but I'm just about reaching my capacity on crowds. From now on I think the majority of the Christmas shopping will be done first thing in the morning when I stand less chance of being elbowed out the way and the noise level is down to a dull roar.

My two Dark Crystal related parcels also arrived. I now have a Garthim to add to my collection of sculptures and a metal belt buckle that was made for the crew of the original film and works really well as a centre piece to the collection.

Today I'm working on updates to my command and control program for my job. Lunchtime I might make a quick dash down to the hobby shop to see if they've got any plastic card.
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A carefully arranged quiet weekend this time. No visitors, so I could do a few jobs and have plenty of lie-ins. Something I needed after another bout of Friday night coughing/insomnia.

Spent the weekend watching DVDs mostly. I finally got around to seeing the last episode of season 2 of Battlestar Galactica. I really wasn't expecting the sudden switch in direction half way through. After the rather indifferent episodes mid-season, the last few have been pretty good and making me keener to see next season. Though I think I'll hold off until its down to a vaguely sensible price.

The other end of series I saw, was Spaced. Bizarrely I'd never seen the last episode. This was mostly because I thought I had. I'd been convinced that the last episode of season 2 was the Empire Strikes Back episode. Turns out it wasn't! So finally watched the end of the series and was rather cheered by it!

Other notable things. Upgraded the 'phone to a spangly new Samsung. Apparently its got a 5 MP camera, MP3 player, radio, games, ringtones... I think you can also use it to speak to people who are far away too.

Also tracked down the next sculpture in the Dark Crystal series - a Garthim. Which is now wending its way to me from the other side of the Atlantic. One more to go!

And now its Monday morning. Back to boredom!
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Very tired today, in spite of two nights of trying to catch up on my sleep. My body also isn't responding well to sitting down in front of a computer for eight hours straight. So sore arms, legs and eyes at the moment.

My Dark Crystal CD turned up last night. So far I've listened to the first CD which is a transcription of the original score that was on the lp, complete with the marvelous overture that they added at the beginning. The second CD is the complete musical soundtrack and should be very interesting to listen to.

Got to try and keep up with the maths this week and also get ready for Riftworlds. Fortunately that should be fairly simple as most of my camping gear is strewn across the back room from the Lions event. So, some washing, ironing and re-packing and I should be ready to go.




Mar. 9th, 2006 09:57 am
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As some of you might know, I'm a bit of a Dark Crystal fan. Its a film I've loved ever since I first saw it a good while ago.

Anyway, last year they released a set of three busts of figures from the film, a Skeksis, an urRu and Aughra. I managed to find the Skeksis, but haven't been able to find the other two. This includes trawling the net.

Has anybody out there seen them? Here's a link to a picture of all three...

Any help in locating these would earn much kudos and chocolate!



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