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Watched the Five Doctors on DVD. I haven't seen it since it first came out many, many, many, many years ago. Absolutely fascinating stuff. There was also a piece on the big Longleat convention which I remember attending.

Also found the Easter Egg.

Coolest Easter Egg... EVER! :-D

Ooh! Cool!

Mar. 9th, 2009 12:44 pm
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The next two DVD releases for classic Doctor Who are The Image of Fendahl and The Deadly Assassin!
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For anyone that's interested, the BBC are showing the Doctor Who Proms concert. Currently its running on a loop accessible from the red button on freeview.

Doctor Who

Jan. 3rd, 2009 02:30 pm
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Two things. First up, finally got around to watching The Next Doctor on iPlayer. Surprisingly, didn't suck!

Secondly, apparently they're going to be announcing who is taking over from David Tennant after this year and will be working with Steve Moffat on the 2010 season.

Now back to cleaning and tidying!

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Radio 3 and iPlayer will have the Doctor Who proms concert this Sunday. There's also talk about a special scene that's been filmed for it. Details are here...
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Have I ever mentioned that I like Steve Moffat and think that he might be quite good for Doctor Who..?
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Apparently the trailer for next week's episode of Doctor Who is out. So, turn off your tv and go hide in a bunker for a week.

If anyone is setting a video for the episode, apparently its running to 65 minutes rather than the usual 45.
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"Crush the lesser races. Conquer the galaxy. Incredible power, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera."

When you see this, post a quote from Doctor Who on your LJ/Blog/Wotsit
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That  wasn't Billie Piper. They just put Sean Connery in a blond wig!!!

Shurley shome mishtake...
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I've been on a bit of a Doctor Who kick recently what with the new series, watching Tom Baker's debut in Robot and listening to various Big Finish radio plays.

Last night I took things back in time a bit and watched the first episode of Dalek Invasion of Earth. This is way back with the first Doctor, Ian, Barbera and the girl with the perpetually sprained ankle, Susan.

The restoration team have done a lot of their normal clean up work, but they had also replaced some of the special effects with some CGI work and I was really interested to see what they had done.

For the first episode, I spotted two updated shots, Battersea Station and replacement shots for the Dalek flying saucers. These were very well done! The shots were slightly grainy and the saucer were based on the classic design used in the old Dalek comic strips and much later on, in the new series. They're a really great addition and now I'm keen to see how they've done with the updated effects in other releases like The Time Warrior and The Ark in Space.

Looking forward to seeing what they've done with the rest of the episodes now!


Apr. 5th, 2008 10:01 pm
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Fear not! Spoiler free...

Well, I didn't hate today's episode of Doctor Who. I didn't really love it either. So I think I'll be watching more to see how things go.

It was a Russel T Davies written episode, so I didn't really expect much. He's a great script editor, but not really up to scratch as a writer, especially in comparison to real masters like Steve Moffat and Paul Cornell.

On the plus side, I didn't find Catherine Tate's character anywhere near as annoying and Bernard Cribbins is always great to watch.

We'll see how things go from here...
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New season of Doctor Who on Saturday.

I've been a fan since I was about seven. That's over thirty years nerd and nerdling. There are Target books on my shelf, LPs, old jigsaw puzzles, games, videos and DVDs and goodness knows what other detritus . I've lived through eight Doctors who hit the part with varying degrees of success.

But I've never been nervous about a season. Not until now.

I think Russel T Davies has done a lot of good for the series, but I think that sometimes you can over egg the pudding by messing around with things. And I get the impression that this is the season where the extra eggs are going to be dumped in en-masse.
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Here are the questions and answers for the big DW quiz that I ran over the last week. I've put the questions in first and then the answers for anyone who'd like to test themselves.






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well, it turned into a bit of a battle at the end. But just int the lead by three points was [personal profile] sack_boywith a staggering 45 out of 50!

The prize, a first day cover of Professor Yana, signed by Sir Derek Jacobi will be in the post this afternoon.

Hope everybody enjoyed it and I'll post up a full set of answer later. Well done to Mike.

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Okay, that officially qualifies as cool.



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