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Good grief! I'm actually crying with laughter...

Warning! contains stuff with hobbits.
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The weekend was a lot quieter than it was meant to be. The original plan was to head over to Joust on Saturday and spend the day there. Fitting in shopping and stuff on Sunday. With Joust being cancelled Saturday turned into a washing and cleaning day, punctuated with watching Hot Fuzz with the trivia track turned on.

Sunday did a few more jobs and then had some salmon, green veg and mashed potato for lunch then played Angband (go ASCII graphics!) 'til Richard (no lj) turned up.

We wandered into town and had a look around the shops. Notably Waterstones was completely out of Harry Potter, but WH Smiths still had copies on the shelf. Went to Druckers and had cake (I had a toffee and apple diplomat with cream). I won't be getting a copy of the latest HP until my birthday in a months time. So I mustn't talk to anyone in between times!

Then wandered back with some sandwiches from Subway and set up the board for a game of Lord of the Rings.

This was 200 points of Rohan vs the same number of goblins. I was playing goblins. My band of hairy, smelly and dirty goblins proceeded to sweep across the board bouncing from cover to cover until they hit Richard's force unpleasantly hard. My tactics of forming into separate blocks and then taking out his force a bit at a time with overwhelming numbers seemed to work all too well and saw his force quickly whittled down. Frustrating for Richard. Still its his birthday next week and his pressie should cheer him up.



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