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Haven't posted up a quiz in ages. Here's a fairly simple one.

Lots of planets. Name the book/tv/film/comic series that they're from.

[EDIT] One left!!!

1 - Ix  - Dune, got by avantman42
2 - Erewhon - Honor Harrington series, got by xavin
3 - Cygnus Alpha  - Blake's 7, got by elani
4 - Altair IV - Forbidden Planet, got by sack_boy
5 - Fhloston  - The Fifth Element, got by avantman42
6 - Acheron - Alien/Aliens, got be psysquid
7 - Mondas - Doctor Who, got by belisarius_534
8 - Bob  - Titan AE, got by belisarius_534
9 - Thra - The Dark Crystal, got by elani
10 - Koozebane - The Muppet Show, got by sack_boy
11 - Brontitall - Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, got by misterdaniel
12 - Klendathu  - Starship Troopers, got by belisarius_534
13 - Zartron-9 - Calvin & Hobbes, got by elani
14 - Sihnon - Firefly/Serenity, got by fuseblues
15 - Htrae - Backwards Earth from Red Dwarf
16 - Kashyyyk - Star Wars, got by belisarius_534
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7 --  When the Wirrn took control of the Solar Stacks on the Ark where did the Doctor get the power from to project an electric field around the cryogenic storage centre? (Doctor Who, The Ark in Space)
8 --  What was the name of Irongron's closest friend? (Doctor Who, The Time Warrior)
10 --  What is the only crime technically punishable by death in the Federation? (Star Trek, the original series)
11 --  What is Harry Mudd's middle name? (Star Trek, the original series)
   Fenton from Harcourt Fenton Mudd, got by dave2jones
13 --  Name another film or tv programme in which the time travel machine from the original movie appeared. (Very recent tv series and a film from the 80s where it was in the background at an inventors convention)
   The Big Bang Theory, got by dave2jones (Could've had Gremlins as well)
14 --  In the silent movie version of Call of Cthulhu, what is the name of the painting that the Narrator is making as a puzzle in the asylum? (Van Gogh)
15 --  In The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello, how far out was Jasper when he made a fatal mistake? (Its in the trailer!)
20 --  How long can a time scanner work for before it implodes? (Doctor Who, The Curse of Fendahl)
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Mostly classic stuff and I've tried to go for something a lot tougher than usual. My other quizzes seemed to disappear in about five seconds!

1/ In Space 1999 how did Tony Cellini manage to dock with the Ultra Probe when it was already docked with another ship? He had previously jetissoned the Ultra-probe command module and was able to eject the nose cone of his Eagle and dock that into the vacant section. Got by sack_boy
2/ What was the only Thunderbird not designed by Brains and who designed it? Thunderbird 4 designed by WASP (World Aquanat Security Patrol) got by Xavin
3/ Apart from telepathy name one each of Sapphire and Steel's powers. - Reducing temperature (1/2 mark) by misterdaniel
4/ What pet name did Noa Izumi give to her Labor patrol unit in Mobile Police: Patlabor? Alphonse, named after her pet dog, got by dave2jones
5/ Name two of the various types of ground assault units used by the Zentraedi in Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.
6/ What's another name for Science Ninja Team Gatchaman? G-Force by misterdaniel
7/ What is the exact size of the great machine in Forbidden Planet? 20 miles on each side or 8000 cubic miles got by spiraltower
8/ In the first Batman movie, who saved Batman and Robin from a magnetic homing torpedo? A porpoise by misterdaniel
9/ In Logan's Run what was the name of the murderous robot who "harvested" runners? - Box got by spiraltower
10/ Who was the only apparent survivor of the British Rocketry Groups' first test flight? Victor Caroon (though he wasn't all that he seemed!) got by Xavin

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That's not a question for an annual quiz, but a question with regard to... etc.

Last year I ran a big Doctor Who quiz with a grand prize of a signed picture of Sir Derek Jacobi as Professor Yana/The Master. I was thinking about running something again this year with another grand prize of some sort or other. This time making some changes and going for a more general SF quiz (probably a lot of classic stuff) and maybe adding bits like drabbles, etc.

Anyway, was wondering how many people would be interested in taking part?

(Note. I'm setting this email to open, but the quiz is for people that I know. So any ex-larping, gaming or general friends that I might not have added to my friends list are welcome as well)

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Standard movie meme,except for one slightly twist. I've cunningly replaced one of the words in the quote with the word, "pants". 

I.d. the missing word and then the movie.

1 - "Keep your damn filthy pants outta my mouth."
2 - "This thing is much too big to be some lost pants."
3 - "Pants. Very dangerous. You go first." - Asps from Raiders of the Lost Ark, spotted by

[profile] spiraltower
4 - "No one will be seated after the doors are closed. It helps maintain the pants."
5 - "You're just in time to have your pants cut off."
6 - "We've fired nearly 1200 pants sir. About one third of the arsenal only remaining."
7 - "Nobody... nobody trusts anybody now, and we're all very pants... there's nothing more I can do, just wait..." - Tired from The Thing, got by [profile] mfl
8 - "What the hell have you got on your feet? Is that some kind of sick joke? Going around on little pants-like animals with every step? That's just... nasty." - Rabbits from Mirrormask, got by [profile] spiraltower
9 - "All control systems go. Remote control circuits are dead. Escape unit is... Central Control from Pants. Escape Unit circuits are dead!" - The missing word hasn't been spotted yet, but its Thunderbirds are Go, got by [profile] spiraltower
10 - "Patriotism swells in the heart of the American pants."



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