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Great news on the Riftworld forum!! :-D


Sep. 8th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Next event details are up.

Event 12 "Beyond the Grave"

“....and in admittedly uneasy conjunction with the 5th Skirmishers, the Gar-Risone Council Taskforce will be assessing the new situation at our eastern borders. Central to this includes the issue below.
47E25N (approx. 70km W.S.W. of the valley of Read Me) lies scouting outpost Gravehill. It is currently subject to a long-overdue reinforcement and restock, now possible following the easing of the Com-Trow conflict. The warriors there have communicated several new issues that have arisen:

an established Screaming God Cult presence has inexplicably receded

an ancient A.I. system (part of the fabric of the original structure) previously investigated and declared defunct has apparently re-activated. It has begun with some sporadic communication but is otherwise proving both elusive and evasive

a nation of southern Shengui have, during the last year, occupied the hills further
east and they have recently had warbands in the area. As yet there have been few exchanges, but they seem to have little regard for the humans along this border. The captain is aiming to open more diplomatic dialogue with them, in the hope of ‘clarifying’ our positions.

local nomads have begun to shun normal communications for unknown reasons.

At the end of the first month of the year, a detachment from the Defender taskforce will meet with the captain to arrange necessary actions and liase with allies who wish to take an interest.
Light to You,
Hector, Avatar 31 ...............”

23 - 25 Jan. 09. Time-In approx. 9.30pm Fri. Time-Out approx. 2.30pm Sun.
Gladstone Centre, near Chester, B5125 between Broughton and Hawarden.
Indoor sleeping, kitchen and washing facilities.
Booking fees: Single £49 until 29 Nov (pre-booking Deadline)
On the Gate £59
Special offer: Any existing player bringing a newbie along will gain a £5 discount no matter whether you book or pay on the gate.

There are 25 player places available.

Crew: FREE plus you get breakfast! Places available. If you'd like to crew to get the feel of the game but have it in mind to play at some stage, let us know. More permanent crew also welcome. for more.
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Which sums up both the events at Riftworld for me and how I felt this morning. :-)

Fantastic time at Riftworld, even with the freezing cold wind and rain on Saturday. It was great seeing everyone again and bumping into [profile] spiraltower who I randomly see about once every two years. He seemed to have a great weekend being Mister Stompy-Mech and the bear joke will stay with me for a long time.

As usual the quality of RP, kit and plot was a very high standard and there was lots of gribbly nastiness to deal with.

My character was killed on the Friday night. Caught out by a couple of monsters and chopped up before I could even shout for help. It was a completely clean kill and we didn't have enough people on guard, so no problems there. I'd also packed spare kit and a fresh character sheet as I was pretty sure I'd be flattened sooner or later. Then, well... then there was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing and the result was me getting back up and going for a walk. I figured, "Yep, this'll last all of thirty seconds." and spent the rest of the weekend gobsmacked that I didn't get hacked to pieces for being some sort of weird zombie strangeness. I think the refs were even more surprised that I was!

Got to do a lot of running around in the woods and helped out with the monstering on Saturday night after my character was escorted away from the camp. Had great fun sneaking around the woods ambushing players and at one point accidentally ambushing some other monsters! :-)

Oh, and got to spend half an hour running around with a rail rifle. Much shooty goodness.

To sum up, Riftworld is fantastic.

On other stuff. Friday saw a good bit of the Christmas shopping finished off, followed by a visit from [profile] badgersandjam who was mildly amazed by the freakiness of Slayers. (highly recommended comedy anime series).

Monday morning and everything aches. My arm also appears to have been attacked with a rake. I've got three long scratches running almost the length of my forearm and I've got no idea where they came from?? Once I'm a bit more presentable I'm off down town for more Christmas shopping and some food, then its back home and collapse in front of the tv for an evening's vegging out.


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