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Just got back from a War of the Worlds concert at the NEC. Am somewhat deaf!

The concert was, effectively, a complete copy of the original Album with a few twiddly bits added. Oh, and a whole lot of special effects!

This was my first time at a concert, so I didn't quite know what to expect. The volume was louder than when I went to see Starlight Express and was seated six feet from a speaker. However, with this particular piece of music, loud definitely works.

The stage was set out with the modern musicians on the left (along with the harpist for some strange reason) dressed in modern clothes and the orchestra on the right in black dress/tie with Jeff Wayne conducting from the middle. The singers would then come out at various points and sing and approximately act there piece. The giant holographic head of Richard Burton hovered at the top left and looked down at all.

It was very nicely done with a mix of computer graphics, paintings and live action projected onto the screen behind the musicians. Making much more of a theatrical performance than a concert. There was an especially nice moment when something that I thought was a piece of the light rigging suddenly descended onto the stage a a full size Martian tripod.

At times the music felt a little too loud, enough so that it drowned out some of the narration and performances. I guess this a difficult trick to get right live though.

The one annoyance for me was the audience. Partly due to the way people wandered in and out to the loo almost continually (I guess this was partly down to being sat close to an exit) but mainly near the end of the show. People started to get up to leave! This started even before the cast had a chance to take a bow. Music was still playing for the climax and people were shoving on coats and filing towards the exit. If you know the piece, you'll know the follow up which occurs years after the story. This came on and, of course, all the people leaving stopped to watch it. Neatly blocking the view of the ones who'd decided to sit there and get their moneys worth!

This irritates the heck out of me. Partly because of the annoyance factor, but mostly because its just plain rude! There were performers on stage who'd worked and rehearsed endlessly so that people could enjoy it and this bunch of ignorant prats were walking out in front of them! All so that they could get away a few minutes early.

But, when it comes down to it, that was only really a minor irritation.

It was a great show and I hope that anyone else going to see it really enjoys themselves. I picked up the new CD version whilst I was there as a memento and this shall have to be listened to! :-)



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