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First game of the Axis & Allies campaign last night. I'm playing Allies and went with a starting 80pt force of two tanks, a bunch of troops and my secret weapon - a long range mortar that I'd move into a pillbox at the first chance. Mostly soviet forces with a few Americans, French and Polish.

My cunning plan didn't come to much unfortunately. Richard had also opted for some long range artillery. On the very first turn of the game our artillery fired and managed to simultaneously blow each other to bits.

After that things swung my way. Though my T-34 tank took a hit it only resulted in the tank stalling and I managed to blow up his panzer in response. Then it was on to troop shuffling across a very wide field of fire. Finally managed to deal with his machine guns and panzerfaust before parking my tank directly on the obstacle.

Victory for the Allies. So 20 points for the next game to Richard's 10. Currently wondering about points selection. Tempted to blow most of the points on a Lockheed P-38 Lightning for some solid air support. Its either that or a scout car and some more troops.
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Any opinions over the relative merits of Heresy vs Inquisitor? I like the 54mm minis for Inquisitor but there isn't a huge range. I was thinking of picking one or two up for painting and wondered if the game was worth a try?

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Another weekend filled with the same ol' things. Washing, ironing, watching DVDs and wandering around town. Managed to kerb my spending urge. Especially after Thursday afternoon's impulse visit to Birmingham.

Saturday evening saw a bit of wargaming. A short 40K game, 400 points per side. Richard's Imperial Guard vs my Necrons. I was vastly outnumbered and Richard even had a troop carrier and a sentinel on the table. However, the Necrons proved themselves as inexorable as ever as I marched them across the board, frying everything in front of them. Shots from the Imperial Guard either bouncing off their armoured skeletons or, for the few that the blew up, slowly rising back to their feet and marching slowly on. At the end of the battle he had his troop carrier and one unit of Cadian's left. The Necrons had lost four warriors and a lone wraith. My tactic of sending the wraith around his flank to draw his fire seemed to work fairly well. Though we drew on table quarters, I definitely had the edge in sheer numbers of troops frazzled.

After that it was a quick game of Axis & Allies. After suffering a number of ignominious defeats, I decided to go for the gusto and deployed my newly acquiered battlecruiser, Scharnhorst, along with supporting vessels. Though most of my fleet suffered and the battlecruiser was crippled by a lucky torpedo hit, I managed to secure enough objectives to finally win the day. Its a good litte game and very quick.

Apart from wargaming the rest of the weekend was spent watching DVDs - Family Guy season 6, last but one episode of Battlestar Galactica season 2 and various cartoons. I haven't gotten around to seeing the very cheap copy of The Muppets Take Manhatten that I snaffled up in Tescos last week.

Fluey thing still hanging around, though it comes in fits and starts. I'm becoming more and more sure that its psychosomatic in some way.

I also managed to break my favourite mug. To add injury to insult, a shard that broke off cut my arm. So I'm now sporting a rather dashing plaster.

Monday again...
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The weekend was a lot quieter than it was meant to be. The original plan was to head over to Joust on Saturday and spend the day there. Fitting in shopping and stuff on Sunday. With Joust being cancelled Saturday turned into a washing and cleaning day, punctuated with watching Hot Fuzz with the trivia track turned on.

Sunday did a few more jobs and then had some salmon, green veg and mashed potato for lunch then played Angband (go ASCII graphics!) 'til Richard (no lj) turned up.

We wandered into town and had a look around the shops. Notably Waterstones was completely out of Harry Potter, but WH Smiths still had copies on the shelf. Went to Druckers and had cake (I had a toffee and apple diplomat with cream). I won't be getting a copy of the latest HP until my birthday in a months time. So I mustn't talk to anyone in between times!

Then wandered back with some sandwiches from Subway and set up the board for a game of Lord of the Rings.

This was 200 points of Rohan vs the same number of goblins. I was playing goblins. My band of hairy, smelly and dirty goblins proceeded to sweep across the board bouncing from cover to cover until they hit Richard's force unpleasantly hard. My tactics of forming into separate blocks and then taking out his force a bit at a time with overwhelming numbers seemed to work all too well and saw his force quickly whittled down. Frustrating for Richard. Still its his birthday next week and his pressie should cheer him up.


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Good weekend all told and part of this year's attempt to be much more positive.







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