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Very quiet weekend this time and I didn't really do much except blow things up on Warhammer 40K:Dawn of War.

Played Tau for this game. For the people who know about that sort of thing, the Tau are one of the more reasonable races of the Warhammer universe. They tend to integrate alien races into their empire rather than blow them up and do things like let people surrender.

This game didn't seem to quite follow that and portrayed them in a slightly more ruthless manner, which was a pity as I've always had a soft spot for them.

Apart from that, I didn't do a great deal. Usual cleaning followed by sore throat and watching Harry Hill's tv Burp and Primeval. Didn't go out anywhere as I really couldn't afford it.

Next weekend and family visiting just for the afternoon. Mum is bringing soup and pancakes!
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Looks like they're making a tabletop RPG for Warhammer 40K. Bags me play a Tau fire warrior with a battlesuit! :-)


Dark Heresy: The Warhammer 40,000 RPG (Core Rulebook; Hardcover) 
*Due: February 2008*
Black Industries

Dark Heresy Game Masters Kit (Warhammer 40,000 RPG Accessory) 
*Due: February 2008*
Black Industries

Dark Heresy Character Folio (Warhammer 40,000 RPG Accessory) 
*Pre Order*
*Due: February 2008*
Black Industries

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Busy weekend. Due to me muddling up dates I had friends over on Saturday and Sunday. Friday night didn't really happen due to standard post work flopping out in front of the tv. Saturday I spent the day cleaning and tidying. I've been trying to clear this cough and sniffles for about six weeks now. Figured it might be a dust allergy, so I spent the morning dusting and hoovering. The last two weekends this had really set my throat off, but this time I had a dust mask on. Must've looked pretty bizarre to anyone glancing in through the window, but it did keep my cough in check. Also washed the windows for the first time since I last did it, or possible the Spanish Armada. Managed to remove the offending egg stains.

[profile] badgersandjamcame over bearing bangers. That's the cumberland variety of bangers. These, along with some burgers were duly cooked and consumed while watching Strictly Come Dancing and then we wandered out and watched some really spectacular fire-works out back. I liked the cascading double blow up ones, Jen liked the ones which went squirrelly. Afterwards, we watched the full contact ballroom dancing episode of Goodies (so Jen could see how its done properly).

Sunday saw some more cleaning. This time an attempt to clean out the marks on the grouting in the shower. Probably going to need a few more goes, but its definitely looking better. Richard wandered over and after a quick wander around town we sat down for some gaming. First was another Axis & Allies naval game. I managed to seize and objective and blow up most of his other ships with my carrier, Enterprise, but couldn't even scratch the Bismarck. So a win for Richard. I really need to get some more cruisers and heavy cruisers and an allied Battleship.

The second game was Warhammer 40K. This time my Tau against Richard's Imperial Guard. I made a few mistakes, but managed to use Tau ranged fire to pretty good effect. The battlesuit units are the real strength of the Tau. Being able to jetpack out of cover, blow the crud out of something then jump back in to avoid return fire is phenomenally useful. Richard did maul my Fire Warriors, but I managed to wipe most of his force out by the end of the game. I really must get the Tau painted.

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Another weekend filled with the same ol' things. Washing, ironing, watching DVDs and wandering around town. Managed to kerb my spending urge. Especially after Thursday afternoon's impulse visit to Birmingham.

Saturday evening saw a bit of wargaming. A short 40K game, 400 points per side. Richard's Imperial Guard vs my Necrons. I was vastly outnumbered and Richard even had a troop carrier and a sentinel on the table. However, the Necrons proved themselves as inexorable as ever as I marched them across the board, frying everything in front of them. Shots from the Imperial Guard either bouncing off their armoured skeletons or, for the few that the blew up, slowly rising back to their feet and marching slowly on. At the end of the battle he had his troop carrier and one unit of Cadian's left. The Necrons had lost four warriors and a lone wraith. My tactic of sending the wraith around his flank to draw his fire seemed to work fairly well. Though we drew on table quarters, I definitely had the edge in sheer numbers of troops frazzled.

After that it was a quick game of Axis & Allies. After suffering a number of ignominious defeats, I decided to go for the gusto and deployed my newly acquiered battlecruiser, Scharnhorst, along with supporting vessels. Though most of my fleet suffered and the battlecruiser was crippled by a lucky torpedo hit, I managed to secure enough objectives to finally win the day. Its a good litte game and very quick.

Apart from wargaming the rest of the weekend was spent watching DVDs - Family Guy season 6, last but one episode of Battlestar Galactica season 2 and various cartoons. I haven't gotten around to seeing the very cheap copy of The Muppets Take Manhatten that I snaffled up in Tescos last week.

Fluey thing still hanging around, though it comes in fits and starts. I'm becoming more and more sure that its psychosomatic in some way.

I also managed to break my favourite mug. To add injury to insult, a shard that broke off cut my arm. So I'm now sporting a rather dashing plaster.

Monday again...


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