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The weekend and a jaunt over to Malvern to go to the theatre with [profile] badgersandjam. Went to see Kean starring Anthony Sher. Impressive piece of farce about an actor who spends so much of his life putting on a performance that he doesn't know who he really is. It was more a drama with comedy than comedy with drama. I did feel that the woman playing Elaine (one of his love interests) was a little overbaked in her acting, but the rest were very good.


After that had food at a very nice pub outside Malvern who's name I can't remember. The crumbed cheese was very nice and the summer pudding with cream was filled with yummy goodness. After that spent the rest of the evening watching the Goodies and clips from Avenue Q on youtube.

Sunday went for a bit of a wander around Birmingham, but failed to find much interesting. Its amazingly difficult to find books on the ships of Nelson's navy. There are tonnes about the crew, captains and battle but virtually nothing on the ships themselves. Still, I did buy a Necron Destroyer, so that was alright.

Then back home and watched the repeat of Doctor Who on BBC3. Thankfull this time uninterrupted by signal interference. Good episode with some caveats which I'll avoid here to save spoilers. I do prefer the two parters though. It just doesn't feel right if there isn't a decent cliff-hanger to look forward to.

Back at work. Lots of maths to do this week.

Have a nice St George's Day!


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